Employee of the year

Jan 102017

We could say lots of nice things about many of our staff that work at Sorelle but to really recognise those who have been outstanding, we decided to do a little vote to find our employee of the year.

This was not an easy decision but we looked at a range of factors including being forward thinking, having job ownership and thinking outside the box when it comes to achieving client goals.

We whittled the list down to three employees, so our top 3 members of staff of 2016 are the following -

3rd Prize goes to Lucy, Lucy has a 100% absence record! She is one of best, and we only ever hear great things about her from our supported people.

2nd Prize goes to Jolene, Jolene’s commitment to bringing people together and the work she has been doing with the groups has helped Sorelle to shine! We couldn’t of done it without her.

1st Prize goes to Natasha, Tash supplies such amazing service to everyone. She is a truly valued member of the team & met every factor in our decision making.



Well done to everyone this year, everyone has come so far and it's because of all of your hard work. Let's have another great year :)